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Every time when you want to massage, this massage table is your first choice !

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Update time : 2023-03-15 16:58:41
The preferential treatment of yourself begins with massage.
What people especially want rest  when they are tired.

The stiff muscles slowly loosen, so they gradually fall asleep.
In addition to the technician's craftsmanship, the comfort of the bed is also very important.
Many customers will also choose a bed.
They don't like hard and soft mattresses.

It has a 7.6cm small molecule high rebound sponge.

Durable dynamic load-bearing of 270kg.
There is no need to worry about customer service.
Security is always online.

Foldable design, fast storage, no space, convenient to carry out.
 11-speed height adjustment, achieve height freedom, better matching of technicians of different heights.
 One table can be used as multiple tables, widely used, is a considerate choice for massage and beauty industry~
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