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Choose the right massage table, relieve the pressure, relax the body and mind.

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Update time : 2023-03-16 16:26:25

The fast-paced life, whether it is office workers or entrepreneurs, are facing a lot of pressure. Easily to appear tired, forgetful, headache weakness and other symptoms. Not only will reduce our work efficiency, but also affect our quality of life, in the physical and mental fatigue, in addition to exercise and maintain a good rest, but also through MT electric massage table to relieve stress, relax the body and mind.

Mt Starlet-LiftbackElectric Massage Table, is a multi-functional electric lifting massage table. Multi-purpose table, for the body to restore energy. Not only massage massage can also be used for beauty, Wen body tattoos, foot care. 7.5 cm small honeycomb soft sponge system, coupled with slow-rebound latex foam pillow, so that customers have a pleasant experience.

Lying on top of the cervical spine, back pressure massage, fatigue gradually fade. The general massage  table is by adjusting the height of the foot of the bed or by adjusting the oil pump to achieve lifting.

Mt Starlet-LiftbackElectric Massage Table uses the German Dewert Electric lift system, which allows massage technicians to control the rise and fall of an electric massage  table by means of an electric foot-pedal button, making it easier to use and better in class. To be more wonderful, the Starlet comes in different sizes, with different body designs and accessories.

We can choose according to their own needs. When the body because of long-term work and feel tired, might as well give the body a holiday, after work in the massage bed lie down for a while, choose a comfortable massage table, enjoy professional physiotherapy services.
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