Rehabilitation Leg Exerciser While Sitting for Seniors, After Stroke Recovery, Peripheral Arterial Disease & Varicose Veins -Under Desk Pedal for Foot & Ankle Exercise

Item No.: v2
Hi5-Moveo V2 Leg Rehabilitation Equipment, the next generation under desk exerciser and leg circulation booster! This high-tech leg exerciser device is specially designed to help you achieve polyneuropathy leg recovery, varicose veins recovery, after stro
 V2 Rehabilitation Leg Exerciser Under Desk Pedal for Foot & Ankle Exercise
After Stroke Recovery, Peripheral Arterial Disease & Varicose Veins 


Elevate your rehabilitation journey with the Hi5-Moveo V2 Rehabilitation Exerciser, a revolutionary device meticulously designed for efficient recovery. Crafted from robust Aluminum and Stainless Steel, this leg and ankle therapy trainer combines Wobble Movement and vibration modes to facilitate targeted muscle engagement, enabling you to regain strength and mobility.


Experience the convenience of the Anti-lost mobile APP and remote control, granting you the freedom to personalize your workout regimen. Operated at a 24V Safety Voltage, its powerful Brushless Motor operates at less than 45 decibels of noise, ensuring a peaceful environment while delivering exceptional performance.


With 10 Automatic Wobbling Modes, ranging from 'Arm Exercise' to 'Regenerate,' and 10 Manual Speed and Intensity settings, you can tailor your exercise routine to your precise needs. This rehabilitation trainer is the result of collaboration with Austrian doctors, offering benefits such as improved blood circulation, joint pain relief, and enhanced muscle activation. Additionally, it aids in reducing cellulite, alleviating stress, and strengthening spinal muscles.

Reclaim your vitality and well-being with the Hi5-Moveo V2 Rehabilitation Exercise Trainer – the ideal companion for your journey towards optimal recovery and improved quality of life.


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