Mt Embrace Magnus Extra Large Low Massage Table

The extra wide massage bed surface provides spacious surface for activities such as Yoga Exercise, Home, Exercise, Thai Massage, and Physical Treament Therapy.
Length of 75.6 inches (192cm) and an exceptionally wide width of 33.5 inches (85cm), this massage table provides a spacious and indulgent setting for every massage, yoga session, or Thai massage experience.

The low height range, adjustable from 18 inches (46cm) to 25.5 inches (65cm), ensures versatile usage, catering to a variety of preferences for yoga practices or soothing massages. The 2-inch (5cm) upholstery, designed specifically for yoga and Thai massage, delivers an unparalleled level of comfort, elevating every moment of relaxation.

Built with a double-bean support structure, this massage bed guarantees robust and unwavering stability. The large tabletop design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides additional surface area, making it convenient for various activities during your wellness routines.

Crafted from super-strong European beech wood, this facial table combines durability and elegance seamlessly. The double leg lock knobs contribute an extra layer of safety, assuring you of a secure and worry-free experience. With an impressive loading capacity of 450 lbs (204kg), this spa table is engineered to provide exceptional support, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in comfort.


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