D1 Heat-Pulse-Vibr Lumbar Massage Belt

The Master Massage Portable Heating Pad with a Heated Belt gives quick and easy relief from lower back pain. Enjoy the convenience of a detachable battery compartment and an extension strap for a perfect fit.

Our D1 HEAT-PULSE-VIRB LUMBAR MASSAGE BELT is a three in one multi-purpose Heating Abdomen belt that features TENS mid frequency pulse massage, 9-speed massage intensity adjustment, three-level hot compress, and high-frequency vibration massage functions. This relaxing device delivers Heated Back Massage, EMS Back Massage, and Vibration back massage all in one.  Our D1 Back Massage Belt can effectively protect the waist, alleviate waist pain, and alleviate abdominal pain in women during menstruation. This portable and lightweight Tens massage back belt uses lightweight and thin ice-like Lycra fabric, with a thickness of only 1.3mm and a weight of only 188 grams. The three-speed large area hot compress can be used to warm the waist and abdomen, relax tense muscles, reduce bloating, and promote blood circulation. The TENS micro current massage with uniform output has 4 massage modes and 9 massage forces that can promote autonomous waist movement and relaxation. The detachable battery power bank is equipped with an LED display screen and a 2500mAh lithium battery, which only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and can support 2.5 hours of use after fully charging. Plus, this Abdomen heating belt can also be controlled using a mobile app. This Vibration Abdomen Belt comes with a charging cable and extension strap for your convenience and easy charging.


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