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Fill it with "core" and start technology health care.

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The cold winter turns warm, and it's spring equinox again.Early warning of high incidence of influenza .When encountering spring fatigue.Improving self defense is imminent.Spring vitality, Hi5 supplies you with "Core".


Do what you do, keep walking all the way

The spring sunshine is the time to restore body function, and aerobic exercises such as running, walking, and yoga can be performed. While relaxing the body and mind, it can also enhance the activity of joints and awaken the silent body.

Hi5 MINI-S MINI-S Vibration Massage Device, using a single module intelligent control chip, and four professional massage heads, is deeply shocking, with a 6.5mm strike depth that reaches deep into the muscles.

The Hi5 MINI-S MINI-S Vibration Massage Device uses a single module intelligent control chip and four professional massage heads to deeply shock and hit the pain of various parts of the body with a depth of 6.5mm. With 3-gear vibration dynamics, it is silent without backlash, and comfortable to sweep through all parts of the body~

Enjoy the scenery and open your eyes

Jiangnan has nothing but a spring gift. Everything is renewed and the sun is shining brightly. It's time to take a break from the electronic screen and enter the embrace of nature.


Work and learn to use your eyes for a long time. Don't let dry eyes affect your mood when viewing the scenery.


Hi5 E10 Smart Eye Massager, with high-frequency vibration and constant temperature hot compress, can take you through the dazzling world.A visual window that allows you to incorporate the spring color into the fundus of your eyes during massage. 180 ° fold to carry the memory of spring with you~

Struggle and struggle to awaken tired souls

The older you grow, the harder it becomes to be happy. In the adult world, people are constantly struggling, accumulating physical and mental exhaustion.

The Hi5 H1 head massager  has 11 independent silicone massage heads, which truly restores master level techniques. With 5 massage modes and 3 shift force, the massage techniques are updated. Mobile app connection with LED screen allows for free palm adjustment.


Exhausted adults finally find a "playground" to relax.

Cultivating  and  strengthen the body

In spring, the rainy season increases, and the air humidity increases, making it easy to get sleepy, fatigue, and emotional problems such as irritability and anxiety. The more disorderly and repressive life is, the more necessary it is to breathe deeply into the body.


Hi5 Bravo Plus Electric Pillow  Cushion  Massager , with a 4D massage head, you can perform positive and negative massage for your entire body to relax your body and mind, dredge the back meridians, smooth the flow of liver qi, and rejuvenate your vitality. Constant temperature hot compress can accumulate heat energy for you, and fill the spring vitality accumulation.


Say goodbye to flu, dizziness and headache, backache and bad mood. Let Xiaofu and You Start Spring Day with Science and Technology~


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